Pam – Wellington

I wanted to take the money I had saved in a pension fund and put it somewhere where it could earn interest for me.  Not knowing much about investments and what was available, I turned to a financial adviser.

I was both surprised and very pleased with the care my adviser – Janet Natta – took in establishing what my situation and present and future  needs were.  When the initial investment plan was proposed, I was given a very full explanation as to why the investments being proposed  were suitable for me.

To hand over one’s savings and future life-style to another demands trust in that person’s (the adviser’s: Janet’s) knowledge of the investment market and all things pertaining to it.  Their ability to communicate with the investee suggesting changes to the portfolio as the market changes is also crucial.  Janet Natta – my adviser – has earned my trust and has proved to be, for me, an expert in all things investable.

In the meantime we have become firm friends and I look forward to Janet’s every communication!