You have worked hard to get your client to take and retain their insurance cover,  and now they have become part of the small group of Kiwis who have learned about the absolute value of having insurance cover by having had to make a claim. 

Not everyone copes well with a major health event.  The stress and shock can take their toll, even with the most sensible people.   When something big is going on, emotion often takes over. 

Spouses and partners can become reluctant to have “hard conversations” with the person who has received the insurance payment, and who may be making plans for the use of this money which bear little resemblance to the proposed purpose of the insurance cover when it was taken out. 

That’s where I come in. 

Many insurance benefits have an extension where a person who has received a claim payment can take financial advice and be reimbursed by the life company for up to $1,500 when getting financial advice from a financial adviser.

I will talk respectfully, compassionately and clearly to your clients about what the best use of their lump sum payment may be, and work to see if there can be compromises with some of their new plans.   I will not be afraid to talk about the needs of the spouse or partner who is going to be left behind.

I will work with you to ensure that the work that you did to protect your clients will not be in vain.  Your heart is for people to be helped when they need it most, and so is mine. 

I worked as an estate administrator at Public Trust for nearly 13 years.  I administered thousands of estates, dealing with stressed and bereaved people, and also helped people to plan for the end of their life.  I am really comfortable with strong emotions. 

What I do:

  1. As a comprehensive financial planner with over 30 years experience in financial services, I will listen and assess what is happening now and what the clients future needs are going to be.
  2. I will help them to create a tailor made plan for the next stage of their life, including estate planning advice. 
  3. If the clients need to repay debt or to invest funds, I will give them advice on how best to do this, and assist them to do this where possible.

What you, as their adviser, can expect from me:

  • I will respect the relationship that you have with your client.  If you can give me any background information before I meet with your client, I would appreciate it.
  • If you wish to be kept in the loop, I will ask the client if they are happy that you and I share information, and we can work together as a team to achieve a good outcome for your client. I prefer to work this way.
  • If the partner or spouse needs to review their own insurance, I will get their agreement to expect a call from you, and we can ensure that this is done.
  • I am honest, fair and happy to be held accountable by you.