When it comes to client experience, there are three aspects of service that I always like to focus on:

What OUTCOME are you wanting to achieve in regards to financial advice? Did the advice you received meet your objectives?  And once the systems have been put in place how do you feel about the outcome(s) now that your financial plan is in place?

Here’re are some client experiences  you might be interested to read:

I had been concerned for some time as I had all my investment money with just one fund but felt unsure of how or where to go to seek the best advice on any changes that could be made.

Fortunately my partner Mike recommended Janet Natta as he had sought financial advice previously from her and said she was very good and also a lot of his professional colleagues were happy with her business services too.

Right from my first meeting with Janet in 2011,  I felt no hesitation in signing up with her as my financial advisor. It has not only been successful financially for me but I have thoroughly enjoyed any exchanges I have had with Janet. I love her enthusiasm and confidence that she has with the job she does due to the sound up to date knowledge she has developed over the years.

I like meeting her on a business and personal level and I am always impressed with her memory of any details discussed . Janet is also very quick in getting back to me when I have any queries.   I am very happy with the detailed verbal and written reports I receive and certainly have gained the piece of mind that I was looking for. I would definitely recommend her to any of my contacts.

 Tricia – Hamilton

I first encountered Janet Natta when I became Power of Attorney for my sister.

From the start I was most impressed with her wide knowledge on matters financial.

I had managed my own share portfolio for many years but realised my knowledge was very limited in comparison to hers and I soon gave her my investments to manage as well as my sister’s, a decision I have never regretted.

Not only is Janet knowledgeable and skilled at what she does, she has proved herself very reliable, has met and exceeded my expectations and I much enjoy our association.

 Ursula – Rotorua

I wanted to take the money I had saved in a pension fund and put it somewhere where it could earn interest for me.  Not knowing much about investments and what was available, I turned to a financial adviser.

I was both surprised and very pleased with the care my adviser – Janet Natta – took in establishing what my situation and present and future  needs were.  When the initial investment plan was proposed, I was given a very full explanation as to why the investments being proposed  were suitable for me.

To hand over one’s savings and future life-style to another demands trust in that person’s (the adviser’s: Janet’s) knowledge of the investment market and all things pertaining to it.  Their ability to communicate with the investee suggesting changes to the portfolio as the market changes is also crucial.  Janet Natta – my adviser – has earned my trust and has proved to be, for me, an expert in all things investable.

In the meantime we have become firm friends and I look forward to Janet’s every communication!

 Pam – Wellington

We were considering retirement and wanted to know how that could be achieved with our portfolio.

Janet Natta was referred to us, she gave us very helpful advice and showed us how she could manage our funds for a fulfilling retirement.

Before we met Janet we were very nervous and stressed about our situation, once we met Janet the fear dissolved as she is very caring and most knowledgeable in her field.

We are kept up to date with meetings and full Investment Performance documents.

We have complete confidence in Janet and are now relaxed as our funds are growing and we know Janet has the ability and knowledge to look after us and our funds so we can enjoy our retirement.

 Andy & Helen – Auckland


I was looking for a reputable financial advisor, whom I could trust.  I wanted someone who would advocate for my financial interests, be a good listener, and advise me in lay person’s language, so that I could have peace of mind that I was on the path to a secure financial future. 

I am thrilled with the advice that Janet provided me.  It was very thorough, easy for me to understand and included all my goals which I identified.

The only regret I have is that I did not contact Janet sooner, and have wasted 5 years before getting a financial plan!  I feel relieved now that I’ve consulted with Janet, and I am confident that I will have her guidance and support for years to come.  This brings me priceless peace of mind!

Sandy – Auckland