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Making decisions in uncertain times

Even though it may feel like life in general is a little bit out of control, you will still be in the position where you have to make decisions, including financial decisions, and it may feel like you are dancing on quicksand.  Here are some thoughts around creating processes for making decisions that may feel […]

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Is it a trend or is it an event?

Aaron and I recently attended an intensive fund managers presentation day in Auckland, where 16 fund managers did presentations on an aspect of investing and then did a promotional spiel for their investment funds. It was a really good day, with lots of interesting and useful information. Funnily enough, there was very little real alarm […]

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what a global trade war could mean for New Zealand

In July 2018, Donald Trump announced sweeping tariffs against products imported from China, for alleged unfair trade practices.   And so the trade wars began. The USA has a trade deficit with China of US$419 billion.  This means that they import $419 billion worth of goods more than they sell to China. The USA’s main imports […]

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