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Is My Money Invested Responsibly?

Do your clients ask “Is my money invested responsibly?” I was recently asked my opinion on the question “is my money invested responsibly?” along with Rodger Spiller (Money Matters) and Simon Hassan (Hassan and Associates). Here are our three answers to that question.  

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Responsible investing missing the mark: White paper

New Zealand’s responsible investment managers are too focused on exclusions, a new white paper says   Good Returns invited me (Janet Natta) to comment about “responsible investing missing the mark” – here’s the beginning of the article so you’ve got some context: Most fund managers had made changes to the way they invest members’ funds, over […]

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the Seasons of Share Markets

The seasons of share markets I was pondering on the current record highs of the share market (both in NZ and the USA) and I realised that the share markets basically have a lot in common with the seasons. At the moment, here in NZ, we are sitting in a never ending winter, waiting for […]

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