We will form a partnership to work together to develop a plan for you to get to where you want to be.

You will talk to us about what you have achieved in your life to date, what you would like to do differently and where you would ultimately like to be. 

(See “what is important to you”)

We will talk to you about:

  • Your cash management – where your income goes when it hits your bank account
  • Your debt – is it good debt or bad debt, and are you managing it effectively
  • Your personal risk protection – what do you have, and what do you actually need
  • Your estate planning – are all your ducks lined up just in case
  • Your retirement planning – what do you have in place and is your strategy going to get you to your retirement age with an appropriately sized nest egg.

We will create a confident and measurable plan together, which will get you to where you would like to be and that can be adapted as your life changes.

We will help you to make smart money choices, and help you to prioritise what matters to you most.

Our role as financial planners is to be your sounding board and to also hold you accountable to achieve what you said that you wanted to!