Janet Natta - trusted financial adviser at Smart Money Advice

Janet – Financial Adviser

I just love doing what I do.

I love working alongside people to make their lives better.

I enjoy bringing together a whole collection of random financial information and putting it together like a giant jigsaw puzzle so that it all fits in and WORKS cohesively for people going forward.

I relish the fact that investment markets change every day and that I have to check markets and research reports every day to make sure that our strategies are still working.

I get such personal satisfaction from working with clients for years.  The longer we journey together, the closer the relationship.  I get a real kick out of watching people achieve their goals, and seeing how their careers and their families develop.

My family

I am married to Gary and we have 2 children, Sarah, who’s studying at tertiary level and Cameron who’s at high school.

Favourite activity

I enjoy singing, with a recent highlight being that I sang with the Rugby World Cup choir in 2011.  I also like to take photos, and have a secret dream of being a wedding photographer!

I admire

Positive people making a positive contribution to the world, and Warren Buffett.  He is my investment hero.


If you like you can check me out further on Linkedin and perhaps we can even do the Linkedin thing and “connect” there…?

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Aaron – Financial Adviser 

My family background has been heavily influenced by finance with both parents working in banks as I grew up and more recently with my father being an investment adviser working in Tauranga and my brother starting an innovative Hamilton based accounting firm.

I am currently a co-owner of Demi-Urgos, a great coffee shop at the north end of Victoria Street in Hamilton and I have managed that business for nine years.

Two years ago, as age was creeping up on me, I decided to upskill myself and apply my passion for service in a more measurable way.  This involved correspondence study while working full time at Demi Urgos.

Since completing this study and receiving my authorisation,  I have been slowly helping those in my circles understand and make better decisions around their KiwiSaver and ensure they are appropriately covered for the risks of life through the different Life Insurance covers.

I have joined Smart Money Advice in 2019, and I am looking forward to continuing to grow personally and professionally by adding value to my clients as their life situations evolve over time.

My family

My family is comprised of my better half Olivia, my older brother, his partner and their young family and my Mother and Father.

Favourite activity

I have always been a bit of a creative person. For me, this manifested in music and writing. I find myself most creative during a beautiful clear winters day when surrounded by the beauty of this great land Aotearoa.

I admire

I admire my brother and anyone who works hard day in and day –  even more if they choose to laugh when times are tough!


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Robyn Winder - Executive Assistant at Smart Money Advice

Robyn – Executive Assistant

I have a lifetime career in customer service and financial administration, and joined Smart Money Advice in mid 2014.  I am working with Janet in an administrative role to ensure all our clients receive the best possible personal service they need.

I administer all of the investment portfolios, prepare for client review meetings and enjoy working as part of a professional team to provide the necessary back up support that Janet and our clients need.  I’m passionate about helping to provide an ethical, client-focused service.

I feel proud to tell people about what we do as a company and that we spend time ensuring we give our clients the best experience that they can have when discussing money – which is often a very emotive area to talk about.

It’s easy to promote the peace of mind knowing that there is someone helping to make the smart decisions with money.

My greatest kick is seeing the journey our clients go on and knowing that we have helped them achieve to their dreams. Knowing you have a plan liberates your spending power and provides a sense of freedom. I’d like everyone to feel like that.

My family

I’m married to Ron, have three adult children and 3 grandchildren, who are so much fun.

Favourite activity

I’m very involved with costume designing for stage shows and I run a sewing school in the evenings.

I love to design clothing from my favourite era ( the 1920s).  I would LOVE to be transported back in time to the Gatsby era, and I dress up in my 1920’s wardrobe and participate in Art Deco week in Napier every year.

I admire

Anyone that has musical talent because I have none! Live performances are mesmerising.