Why trust is so impotant to economic wellbeing I recently heard someone talking about the fact that trust is an important part of the economic well being of a country and it prompted me to dig further into this concept. … Read More

Scam Alert

I have been watching the Nigel Latta show on how to avoid scams (TV1, Monday nights at 8pm).  I will say that it is enough to give you nightmares.     Some of the scams are just so sophisticated and the lengths … Read More

Challenges for the Bank of Mum and Dad

Consumer NZ research released in April 2022 found that the “Bank of Mum and Dad” was the 5th largest lender (after ANZ, ASB, Westpac and BNZ) when it came to helping their adult children into homes.  According to the research, … Read More

Improve your retirement
4 ways for women to improve their retirement

Women are not EARNING the same wage as their male counterparts.  Statistics NZ says that as of May 2021, the gender PAY gap was 9.09% (based on median hourly wage and salary earnings). This gap equates to around $12,000 per … Read More

Supply and Demand Theory 101

I loved economics at University.  I found that it was interesting and (mostly) logical and it explained things that happened in the financial marketplace in a way that made sense.  One of the things that we learned was the theory … Read More

What is the Official Cash Rate

You may have wondered why economists, the media and your financial adviser get all excited about official cash rate announcements! The official cash rate is set by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.  It is one of the tools that … Read More

The Five Best Ways To Lose Money

1.  Buy expensive, sell cheap. DALBAR has been publishing annual studies for 23 years showing how investors always get a lower performance than the relative index – and it is entirely based on emotional buying and selling. The best process … Read More

Important information

Welcome to Smart Money Advice Important information that you might like to know about us before we begin our journey together. Disclosure Statement Version 2 – Effective from 15 August 2022 Tactical Financial Advice Limited (FSP691671), trading as Smart Money … Read More

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