Janet Natta - trusted financial adviser at Smart Money Advice

Janet – Financial Adviser

Working as your financial adviser allows me to bring together a life long journey of skills and passions.

I love a good challenge, and take pleasure in unlocking the puzzle pieces that each client brings, piecing together your current state, your future goals, your investment opportunities and working out the clearest path from here to there.

I know, without a doubt, that our work makes a huge difference in our clients lives. When we work with you, we’re helping you to make your hard earned money work best, allowing you to do the things that you live as your wealth grows.

Robyn Winder - Executive Assistant at Smart Money Advice

Robyn – Business Administrator

I administer all of the investment portfolios, prepare for client review meetings and enjoy working as part of a professional team to provide the necessary back up support that Janet and our clients need.  I’m passionate about helping to provide an ethical, client-focused service.

I feel proud to tell people about what we do as a company and that we spend time ensuring we give our clients the best experience that they can have when discussing money – which is often a very emotive area to talk about.

It’s easy to promote peace of mind knowing that there is someone helping you to make smart decisions with money.

My greatest kick is seeing the journey that our clients go on and knowing that we have helped them to achieve their dreams. Know that you have a plan liberates your spending power and provides you with a sense of freedom. I’d like everyone to feel that.